Kyle Pkwy Self Storage,5141 Cromwell Drive, Kyle, TX 78640 USA, , Telephone:  (512) 262-7234

Kyle Pkwy Self Storage
5141 Cromwell Drive
Kyle, Texas 78640
Phone: 512-262-7234

The City of Kyle was founded in 1880 by nearby settlers from the communities of Blanco and Mountain City.

Fergus Kyle, for whom the town was named, and the family of David Moore donated 200 acres of land for a town site when the International and Great Northern Railroad built a line from Austin to San Antonio. Lots were first sold in October 1880 at an auction held beneath a Live Oak tree at 204 Sledge Street. And thus the rich history and tradition of Kyle began.

Kyle is now a booming community and home to thousands of citizens. Straddling I-35, eight miles north of San Marcos and 20 miles south of Austin, Kyle is the second largest city in Hays County. Approximately 60 miles north of San Antonio, 200 miles west of Houston and 250 miles south of Dallas, the community of Kyle enjoys a south central location convenient to most major population centers in Texas. With a strategic location close to major highways, airports and rail, Kyle is a great community to live and conduct business.

Welcome to Plum Creek
Here, itís all about being connected. Itís about driving less and doing more. Ditching the keys and opting to walk to school, the coffee shop, the park or the 9 to 5. Everything you need to live, work, play and learn is all in Plum Creek. Plum Creek makes it easy to call your entire neighborhood your home. While offering a variety of housing types to choose from, Plum Creek also offers the ability to walk along tree-lined sidewalks, to a 95,000,000 square-foot living room that you share with neighbors who are more than just neighbors, theyíre your friends. Located just 20 minutes south of downtown Austin, life is all around in Plum Creek






 5141 Cromwell Drive, Kyle, TX 78640 Phone: 512-262-7234

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